7 Tips: How to Travel Safely With Jewelry

7 Tips: How to Travel Safely With Jewelry

If you are an enthusiastic traveler, taking your jewelry safely along is one of the difficult tasks. With most of the jewel pieces being delicate are prone to damage on your vacation gateways. But taking along your jewelry safely is the ideal way to spice up your holidays with your ultimate style. If you are looking for some quick tips on how to travel safely with jewelry, you landed on the right page.

Here are some of the easy tips to treasure your jewel pieces:

1. Consider The Versatile Jewels

Instead of choosing the outfit specific jewel, choose the versatile pieces which can fit to any outfit. It is crucial to pick up only the essential jewel pieces which you are sure of wearing during your travel. Packing unnecessary pieces will not only clutter your jewel bag but also increases the chances of damage by strangling with each other.

Boho jewelry is considered ideal for traveling as it is light-weighted and vibrant in colours which can perfectly compliment to any attire you choose to wear. Minimalistic jewels like studs and pendants are easy to carry as well.

2. Maintain a Separate Jewel Bag

Instead of stuffing your jewelry along with other essentials, you should maintain a separate jewel bag. There are jewel bags available in the market which offer different compartments to store the different jewel pieces safely. It avoids the damage cause due to friction. Avoid putting any pressure or keeping the jewel bag in the tightly packed luggage.

3. Avoid Putting Your Jewel Bag in Checked Baggage

The checked baggage is prone mis-handling. These baggages also undergo the security screeners. Most of the bulky metal jewel cannot set off the security screening equipments. Hence, you should keep your jewel in hand-purse safely. Especially, if you’re taking along some expensive jewel pieces made from gold or silver, keep it safe in the purse which you can carry along all the time. Never leave the purse unattended.

4. Do Not Hand Over Your Jewelry Purse to Others

It is crucial to keep a vigilant eye on your purse and do not hand over to unknown persons. Keep the jewelry at the lower position so that I could not be available at glance just by opening the purse. While check-in to a hotel, never hand over to a hotel staff or leave it unattended in the car. While traveling by air, keep this small bag along with you.

5. Look for Insurance Coverage

If you are going to travel with expensive ornaments, you should ensure to get the insurance done for the jewelry which you are planning to take along. There is a cap on the amount of insurance which is up to $1000. Consult your insurance agent to know the various clauses about the insurance policy. An insurance policy offering maximum benefits with minimum premium is ideal to consider.

6. Fashion Jewel Vs Expensive Jewel Ornaments

With wide range of fashion jewels, avoid taking along the expensive jewel ornaments. Fashion jewel today are crafted with such a finesse that the people cannot differentiate between the original and fake. Invest in high quality fashion jewels instead of some budgeted cheap stuffs. Fashion jewels are highly recommended over expensive jewels while travelling.

7. Avoid the Direct Contact of Jewel with Water and Other Destroying Agent

Water is responsible for fading away the looks of fashion jewels. Hence while wearing the fashion jewels, ensure to avoid any direct contact with water. While travelling during summer, avoid the metallic jewel. These jewels are prone to rusting when come in contact with the sweat and dirt.

Consider Insurance Plans

To travel along expensive jewel, you must consider jewel insurance. In the event of loss due to theft or damage, these plans are a great rescue. With ample of insurance plans available in the market, it is a dilemma to choose the right insurance ounce. There are certain insurance plans which offer coverage for certain area and not applicable across the country. Choose the plan judiciously by introspecting the various clause to conclude the best jewelry insurance.

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