9 Approved Styles To Wear To Work

9 Approved Styles To Wear To Work

Getting dressed for work is always challenging. After all, it would help if you looked presentable at work while maintaining your comfort levels. No matter how much you update your wardrobe or how much trendy you are, It is common to stand in front of your closet and search for some unique styles.

Here are the nine approved styles to wear to work:

1. A Printed Suit

Formal suits are an essential part of your wardrobes. While the black suit rules the top charts, chic print suits are the preferred choices for the trendsetters. Don't forget to add a white tee to add a touch of classiness. You can choose the check prints if your height is moderate. For shorter ones, a vertical line printed suits are the best to opt for.

2. A black Tee with a midi or a belted trench coat

Belted trench coats are always 'in' for their utmost comfort and 'sassy' style. It is perfect to beat the heat of the summers and stay calm. Pick some neutral shades to make it an appropriate choice for the work. Pair it with printed pattern shoes to add a contemporary spin. Heels are the best pick to add a style to your appearance.

3. Pencil skirts

Pencil skirts are indeed the breezy summer solution. Pair it with a stuffy button-up shirting. Check out the cool shades like sky-blue or peach to ditch the regular black pencil skirt. Add a welcome update to your style with an ankle-length dress, wrapped torso with pinstripes. You would certainly be a cool boss!

4. Blouse and long skirt

Are you looking for that extra comfort on a super-hot day? How about a decent check skirt with a plain white blouse? Give a finishing touch with a broad belt. Put on your favourite heel to get the office ready correctly. A hand purse is an ultimate way to refine your office wear look.

5. A blazer with a printed dress

Swap your regular jackets with an office tailored blazer to make your printed mid-length dress a perfect outfit as office wear. The formal shoes add grace to your style, making it more appropriate for the office. When running for a meeting or sitting at the desk the whole day, comfort is the first thing which matters.

6. Cropped jeans with a blazer

A half-zip turtle neck to be complimented with a loose fitted blazer is ideal for delivering that comfort which I am thinking for so long at work. To make it appropriate to wear at work, pair it with cropped jeans of white colour. To add warmth to your personality, pick up black heels and a contrasting bag. Accessorize minimally to make it style-savvy

7. Wide leg trousers

Want to look polished yet hip at work? How about picking up a wide leg trouser which promises an ultimate comfort with a fitted blouse. You can also pick a high-neck sweater to ditch the winters. Keep your outfit grounded with the earthy tones of camel colour. The insanely flattering wide-leg silhouette is the best choice to appear as a glam-diva.

8. Khaki bottoms and solid tops

Khaki is considered to be the most versatile and preferred outfit when it comes to office wear. Not just comfortable, the aesthetic look of kakhi makes it ideal office wear. They add a refined look to your persona with its subtle shades. To add a tinge of casual looks, pair khaki with a blacktop. Put on a dazzling pair of long earrings to get noticed.

9. Bright trousers and trench

Want to wear those vibrant trousers but confused about how to wear? Here we go! Fashion-Forward trousers which are primarily inspired by joggers can be an ideal official dress when accompanied with a black plain blouse and check-print trench.

So, which style you are going to wear today?

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