About Us

Are you excited to know about Maelle C Chery, founder of SimplyMaelle?

SimplyMaelle is what everyone looks up today as an 'Online Fashion Jewel Brand,' which is a story of a Caribbean girl from Haiti who moved to the U.S. in 2007 as an immigrant with several dreams. Moving to the U.S. was not an easy decision for her. To began with, she worked as a housekeeper in a hotel in Florida. Life treated her hard by making her work as a laborer in orange farms. She then worked as a bartender in Oklahoma City and tried her hand at teaching to meet her ends. Maelle has gone through tough times to sustain her life in the U.S., but her love for fashion and fantasy for imitation jewelry hyped with passing time.

Right from the tender age of 8, Maelle always dreamt about exploring American fashion and adding a rustic touch to it. Her elite collection at SimplyMaelle reflects the ancient touch of ever-changing American Fashion and the influence from various countries shaping up its trends. The idea of introducing classic pieces of jewel to accentuate the style of an individual without pinching their pockets is what brought SimplyMaelle on board! And today, SimplyMaelle is recognized as a global brand with the vast following from fashionistas across the globe.

How is SimplyMaelle rooted in Ancient fashion? 

The fusion of trends predominately influenced fashion in the 2000s. Also known as the decade, new patterns of vibrant colors were incredibly popular. From chunky bracelets to huge pearl studs and hoop earrings, the loud jewel was the love of American women. With the onset of a new millennium, the people were crazy about gadgets, and the influence could be witnessed in fashion.Chromatic trends were in with chunky jewels. 

From 2006, the Boho trends were in to match low flowy skirts and floral hand bands. From gladiator sandals to neon colors and animal prints, the fashionistas were turning wild with their styles. 2010 witnessed the black culture getting to its roots. African Americans start counting African fabrics and styles and setting off the trends inspired by African cultures.

2015 witnesses muted tones like burgundy, brown, tan, and black by setting aside the neon.Glam yet elegant trends are followed by the Instagrammers,setting the new trends in fashion, which are rooted back to the 1950s.

Maelle says,"SimplyMaelle incepted as an idea for making fashion affordable. It has given a new dimension to the fashion industry by introducing the most exquisite jewelry pieces which are highly reasonable".

Maelle believes – "A glorious future waits for the ones who show up their courage to follow their dreams through harder times!"



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